Saturday, February 25, 2012

I haven't been posting as much because I post things on Instagram instead! It is simpler because you don't have to write much. But I like blogs and the ability to document memories. I need to write more than I do! Here are a few things from February. The kids are playing together more and more and I love it!
Camryn is getting comfortable standing on her own and loves pushing her walkers around.
Tegan lately has started pointing at words and saying "the R says rrr" or "the O says ah". He doesn't always know what letters he is pointing to, but he has a few down. He has learned those from Leap Frog Letter Factory! haha
of course his favorite thing to do is still torment his sister....I hope that he will grow out of it a little!

This was the best pic I got....

Camryn's one and only cousin Peyton! They are best buds
I took a little day road trip with my sister Sarah to Snowbowl! It was such a nice little break and so fun to snowboard! (I didn't go at all last year cuz I was pregnant)

Mike is doing what he loves and working with his dad investing in real estate. It has been going well and Mike is learning a ton.
I have been enjoying staying at home with the kids, doing YW stuff, and learning to cook better!


Amanda and Steve said...

McKay torments his little sister, too. Glad he's not the only big brother who does that.

Whitney said...

Teeg looks so hardcore in the first picture! I love you guys!