Friday, August 12, 2011


I know I need to update more often (Maria) so I am sorry! But I figured I would copy what you did last time and update on each one of us.

Tegan can now get in or out of any door he pleases. Locked or unlocked, knob or lever, child-proofed or not. Back sliding door, garage door, you name it! So it has been an adventure teaching him where he can and cannot go. He got stung by a wasp twice last week in Idaho, then bit by a small dog on his nose. He is quite a little trooper.
He has been talking well, but lately he rambles a bunch of nonsense as if we should perfectly understand what he is saying. (mostly when he is on the phone with someone.)

We were at the doctor a few weeks ago and she asked me if Camryn has rolled yet, and I said no. She asked if I have been doing tummy time, and lying I said "yes". (I don't do tummy time because she spits up so much!!) So it was kind of embarrassing when the first second she put Camryn on her tummy, she rolled over. haha whoops! Camryn is as smiley as can be and as chunky as can be! She loves her big brother.

Has been doing real estate over the Summer and recently got a job with VIP homes. He is excited about this opportunity as he is able to continue doing resales with clients as well as working for the builder. He is a great dad, and does a fabulous job of keeping our yards/garden in pristine condition!

As for me....I am just busy being a mom and loving every minute of it! This is the first time in my life where I haven't had a "paying" job. To be honest, it didn't take too much getting used to. I guess the kids/house fill in that time pretty effortlessly!

For the fourth of July we had a swim/bbq party. So fun!
Well we spent almost the entire month of July in Utah!! I had a fam reunion at the beg of the month, and Mike had one at the end of the month. So instead of driving with two young kids up to Utah twice in one month, we decided to just stay up there! Luckily Mike's aunt and uncle Joni and Kenneth were SUPER sweet and let us stay in their basement the entire time!! They were so hospitable and Joni whipped up delicious meals every night! They took us on a fun little hike!

We got to see our friends Ben, Gwendolyn and little Henry! How cute are they in their Sunday best?!

We walked around temple square and Ben showed us Brigham Young's grave

Eatin' a popsicle!
Thanks Grandpa Larry for my BYU hat! BYU is my favorite school :)
We got to spend a WHOLE weekend in Midway with Jeff, Maria and Boston! Oh it was great. Tegan would not put this bat or ball down the whole time! He LOVED Jeff's parents yard! It was gorgeous. I could've easily spent a few more weeks there. The Gertsch's trip was MUCH too short!!

Teeg and Boston got along SO great!!
After Mikes reunion in Utah we drove up to Idaho with Mike's immediate family to go fishing on the snake river. Unfortunately Mike's dad's back went out and they were unable to do the fishing they wanted. But they did get to go on this animal safari thing! I am so bummed I didn't go. I didn't realize how much fun it would be otherwise I would've gone, but I was super sick and needed a nap (only to find out later it was just really bad allergies! grr thx whit!!) So they took Tegan, and he had the time of his life! There was a petting zoo too where he got to feed deer and goats and stuff. Not sure where those pics are at.

The house we were staying at in ID was only 20 minutes from my dear friend Whitty! I was SO excited when I found this out. They whipped up a delicious chinese food dinner for us, and we spent the evening with her, Jordan and Fox! I am bummed they are not moving down anytime soon, but hopefully someday! I wish we got a picture! :(
Utah was so great. We got to see so many of our friends and family. I am so glad that we stayed up there for that long, but I was also happy to be home!

We got home to a 31 pounder watermelon in our garden! Only to cut it open to find out it was no good. Bummer!
Tegan got bit on his nose by my parents little dog. He was sticking his face in hers and she didn't like it too much (I wonder why). haha
Random pics...

Now we are back at home where we get to see more of our close friends and family. :) Life is good!!!