Monday, May 23, 2011

Mike's graduation

Mike graduated from the WP Carey Business Finance program at ASU. We are so proud of him!!
Thank you Sarah and Joseph for coming with me and helping with the kids!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jennifer's Wedding

Jennifer and Chad's wedding was beautiful! It was quite the long day with juggling two kids out for the first time, but they both did great.
Tegan for the first time in the double stroller.
What a bunch of good-looking boys!!
Tegan was obsessed with this fountain at the reception!
waiting for the bride and groom to exit, and testing out my friend Tarryn's camera she so graciously let me borrow.

What a gorgeous bride!!!!!!
We could not take Tegan off the dance floor ALL night!!

SO cute!

Some 1-month-old pictures of Camryn taken by my dad:

Camryn's first cousin was born just 4 weeks after her! Little miss Peyton (Mike's brother James' baby)

What a goober....

This was his "time out" spot. haha the bouncer he used when he was just a few months old. I don't know why I thought it was so funny to see him standing up in it! He has gotten so huge since the last time I saw him in this.

She's smilin'!

It has been a busy few weeks!!!! One more post and I think I will be caught up for a bit :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camryn's Blessing

One of the few newborn outfits she fit into (just a week or so old)

Here's a couple pics of her first bath. Of course big brother is always right there to "help"

He finally touched the stove....and suffered the consequence. I didn't expect the blister to get that big!!
If you look close you can see it on his middle finger.
We blessed Camryn on Easter Sunday because we had family in town for Mike's sister's wedding. It was such a special day. Mike's blessing was beautiful, and it was neat to have so many family members present. Mike's family stayed for the remainder of church so they weren't in any pictures. My brothers were both in town as well!
3 generations of girls :)

Thanks Talia for letting us borrow your gorgeous blessing dress!!