Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Girls Camp

So I left my sweet baby for 5 days and ventured off to Girls Camp! It was such a blast with these great girls. The camp theme was "University of the Strong and Courageous (USC)" and we chose the "Red Rubies" as our mascot. (Hence all the red)These girls won the spirit award on the first day! We were the smallest group, but didn't have any problems being the loudest :)

So as a prank we dressed up as another ward's mascot (the nerds). We make pretty great nerds if you ask me....
The girls let us curl their hair up in fabric
The next day it looked like this!!
Each night we spotlighted the girls and had them walk down "the red carpet" with a crown and bouquet of licorice.

...SO ready to go home and see my baby!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tegan's Crawling!!

I don't have my video camera with me, but I will post a video soon. He has been rockin' on his hands and feet for several days now, but today I think he's got the crawlin' thing figured out! He just crawled across the room pretty quick and pulled himself to stand on the stair railing. oh no....my life has changed.