Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Wonderful Holidays

I feel like all of my posts are long "catch-up" posts. I need to get better about blogging more often! Anyway, here goes...
Our lil guy at 3 months

Over Thanksgiving we were with Mike's family and the boys had lots of fun paint-balling and shot-gun shooting!
My Dad had a birthday!
Tegan was blessed! This was the only picture we got of him on his blessing day :( Mike and I had to stay for the remaining two hours of church to teach lessons, so we missed out on all the fun with friends and family.
So we took a picture of him in his cute tux a few weeks later! He's a little too big for it. hahaWe did Christmas with my family this year and it was so much fun!
This was us on Christmas Eve. I am bummed I didn't get more pictures of Tegan's first Christmas! :(
I always love seein my brother Jason! Yes Tegan fell asleep sitting up. Thus creating about 6 rolls under his chin. Cutest thing ever!!! Oh and his outfit appears to be bursting around the buttons. :)My cousin Gavin got married! We love Gena and it was so good to see family from Utah: Rachel, Matt, Rebecca and Grandma!
After Gavin's wedding we went up to Telluride Colorado with Mike's family again. Snowboarding was a blast! Even Mike's dad got in on the fun...Tegan stayed up with us to bring in the new year!After Telluride we went straight to Utah to see our friends with all their new babies! Mike and I could barely stand that there were 3 new babies that we hadn't met yet.
All these boys served their mission together and have remained great friends!It works out nice cuz I love these girls! Ben, Jeff and DeLorne couldn't have chosen better wives! It's so fun to have so much in common
This was us just one year ago in December at Jeff and Maria's wedding.
One year later, 4 more boys have joined us! We didn't even plan it, but it has been such a blast!
Tegan getting ready to bench...I finally went and saw my former cheerleaders at a game against my sister Sarah. I miss coaching so much!My mom had a birthday too. Our holidays were great. The best part is seeing our friends and family that we love SO much!
Tegan has had two 10 hour nights that made me the happiest mom alive, and sleeps 100% in his crib now! He just started laughing and is such a joy all the time. I seriously can't get enough of him. I love it!