Sunday, December 12, 2010

New York

So Mike and I had the chance to visit New York City this past week! It was a spur of the moment trip that begun with Mike sending me a text on Thursday saying, "call me when you can, I may have some good news for you." So I called him and he said, "you want to go to NY on Monday?" I didn't ask too many questions before I was like, "yeah, duh!"
Mike's uncle works in NY from time to time, so he offered for us to stay at his hotel for free, and Mike's dad had the flights taken care of through a rewards credit card, so it was a hard trip to turn down!
Central Park. We were freezing the whole time and could barely smile cuz our mouths were numb....
Radio City. I wanted to go inside to see where Glenn Beck does his show, but we never got the chance at the right times.
We went to the broadway show Rain and it was good! Even though I'm not the most die-hard Beatles fan in the world and even though we were probably the youngest ones in there by a full generation, I really enjoyed myself!! The guys looked and sounded JUST like the Beatles. Plus Mike was taking an online Beatles class at the time, and was interested in seeing it.

We stayed at the DoubleTree hotel right in Times Square

I thought this sign was a little unnecessary and ignored by everyone...
We took a hop-on hop-off bus tour that went all the way around the island, so we walked around the financial district and
saw the Brooklyn Bridge (the best shot I could get. We were too cold to get off the bus)

It also took us up to Harlem where we were able to see the Apollo TheaterWe went to Rockefeller Center and saw the big tree and ice skating rink
Mike and Jake at the multi-level NBA store.
FAO Schwartz toy store Soldier guy
I love Candy Stores!
Serendipity. The restaurant was on a wait, so we passed on eating
Central Park at dusk
We were walking to go on our "night holiday bus tour", when we overheard these guys on a corner say, "discount wicked tickets for tonight." We had looked the previous couple of days, and nowhere could you purchase discount tickets for Lion King OR Wicked, so we had given up all hope with Wicked. Until we heard these guys! $50 a piece (instead of $120 minimum). We couldn't turn it down. Even though I have seen Wicked twice, it is my FAVORITE and I would see it over and over again. It was about 7:30 and the show started at 8, so we rushed on over and watched it! It was incredible. And the first time I had seen it in NY. Everything was phenomenal.
Bryant Park
Grand Central Station. (I was excited to see this place because of this video)
Whitty! This was for you :)
Earlier in the day BEFORE we bought the Wicked tickets, we had already purchased Lion King tickets for the next evening. So we saw Rain Tues, Wicked Wed, and Lion King Thurs. We outdid ourselves just a little, but it was worth every penny! Lion King was absolutely breathtaking. The costumes and music and stage were all unbelievable!
I might appear as if we didn't ever change our clothes, but we are just dumb and only brought one warm coat each. If I would have known that it would be THAT cold (the wind made it 10 times worse), I would have brought my huge/long parka-looking coat! Thanks Uncle Kenneth for showing us around and Mike's parents for the flights and taking care of our baby while we were gone!