Monday, October 25, 2010


We've got a goofy little guy. I love it. Tegan and I started doing this in the car one day, and he loves it now. I look at him through the rear-view mirror and we both make this dumb face. haha I can't get enough of him!!!!!

Goof again...

Lounging with dad on the couch. He actually sat still here long enough to get out the camera and take a picture.

Fun at the park. This is the first time he has needed shoes. I had to walk back to the house and get them cuz the grass was dead and prickly, but he didn't seem to mind!
Mike and a couple friends were throwing the football back and forth (across a field), and poor little Tegan was standing in the middle and thought he could walk his way over to the person with the ball every time. It was like they were playing "keep away" from him. And once he got a hold of the ball, he would NOT let it go!
p.s. he has some chubby feet and these flip flops were a little snug....

My brother gets home from his mission tomorrow night!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tegan is 1!

My baby turned one a couple weekends ago! Where did the time go?!
He is a pretty comfortable walker and his favorite foods are grapes, bananas, yogurt and sweet potatoes. He definitely knows what a cookie looks like and always wants a little taste.
Whenever you pick him up he points at anything and everything in sight. His favorites are ceiling fans, lights and pictures on the walls. He won't stop pointing at it until you say what it is or who is in the picture.

He is a big boy!
He weighs 25 lbs 90%
height 32.5 in 99.7%

I saw an idea of sports cakes online, and I thought it was the only appropriate thing right now for Tegan! He LOVES basketballs, footballs, and anything he can throw and kick around.

Our families were so nice to bring Tegan gifts! He got a fun push toy, a music set, a couple halloween costumes, and some foam splash balls. He even got a cute shirt from his best friend Boston up in Washington! Thanks everyone :)
We planted a garden! And by "we" I mean: Mike's dad, his brother James and Mike. We wouldn't have been able to do it without the expertise help of his dad. :) He was even mentioned in a church news article for the Navajo and Hopi gardening efforts.
Most of the crops are sprouting up already, but these beans take 1st place! Only after a couple weeks!

We got a new sofa! It is so nice to have our first piece of real furniture that we purchased. We also go two bedside tables and a foot-end bed table for our room. (until now we have been given lots of hand-me-down furniture which has worked SO great for us!)