Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am going to be induced Sunday Oct 4th at 5am! Yipeee (I'll be watching General Conference from my hospital bed)
They are willing to take me a week early because he is still measuring big. On Tues his weight was approx 7lbs 5 oz which is still a week ahead of schedule. I am 2cm and 75% effaced.
10 days...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mike is a Realtor!

As of today, Mike is officially a Real Estate Agent in the state of AZ! woo hoo! So if you or anyone you know are looking to buy/sell/rent a house or property, Mike would love to help. This has been something that he has developed an interest in, and he thinks it will be a good job to do for at least the next couple years while he is finishing school.
His #: 928.380.8081

Also, I got my substitute teaching certificate today and will be applying at as many school districts as possible in the East Valley. I don't plan on working a ton, but I would like to have the options available before and after the baby comes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sailing and Church History

Mike and I have been wanting to go sailing one more time with my dad before the baby comes, so a couple weeks ago my dad took us, my friend Whit and Mike's sister Jen sailing! It was such a relaxing couple of days, besides the time when Jen got seasick out on the open ocean... :/
Thanks dad for a great time!

Mike's parents were so kind to take us on another church history tour a couple weeks ago. Going for the 2nd time definitely had a more severe impact on me. I was able to remember stories better and my testimony of what happened at these sites grew immensely. Mike and I only went on half of the tour because of school starting. (New York, PA, and Ohio) We went with two of Mike's good mission buddies Jeff and Ben, and their wives Maria and Gwendolyn. Also Mike's bro James and his wife Ashley, and Mike's sister Jen.
3 of us are pregnant on this trip. Can you tell who is the biggest??
The Susquehanna river where the Melchizedek and Aaronic priesthood were restored.There were such great skipping rocks, and Mike's mom Diane was the best out of all of us!Below is the Palmyra temple. We are standing in front of the "Hinckley Window". It is the only window in any of the temples in which you can see from the outside-in. President Hinckley wanted the members to be able to overlook the Sacred Grove clearly from inside the temple walls.

The Sacred Grove
Kirtland Temple where we got a "behind the scenes" tour!
Mike and Larry in between the 1st and 2nd floors :)
Up at the very top next to the bell tower

Mike and I are standing in the room from which Joseph was dragged out in the middle of the night to be tarred and feathered. Then below we are sitting on the actual steps from which he preached the very next day.
The boys had some fun playing 'king of the rock'

Lake Erie
The boys had way too much fun throwing rocks yet again...
This trip was such a blast with our friends and family, and we are so appreciative to Mike's parents for giving us these opportunities to learn.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our baby is huge

So I had my 34 week Dr. appt yesterday, and the Doctor said my belly was measuring a little larger than normal. So she scheduled an immediate ultrasound appt for today just to check and make sure things were looking alright. Turns out with all of his measurements (head circumference, abdomen, etc), I should be 36 weeks, not 34. AND his approximate weight is already 6 lbs 6 oz! What the heck? So either my original due date was off to begin with, or he is just growing like a machine (or both). Either way....I'm ready for him to be out. The good news is the tech said everything else looks great, he's just on the 'generous' side of things.
The ultrasound tech said that she can't make any conclusions for me and that I would have to talk to the doctor before I have any answers about when he could be hopefully I'll have some good news soon!
With any luck, I'd love to have him this month!!