Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meg's Birthday

Happy Birthday Meg! I miss you

Monday, November 17, 2008

1 year!!

Mike surprised me with these dozen beautiful yellow roses when I was home sick today. :)
Our very first picture together...on our first "date" It was a group bonfire thing on November 17th believe it or not!!! It's been exactly two years since our first date. You know, it would've been too 'awkward' to just take a picture with me and him so we had to make it a 'group' picture. Thanks Whit and Tarryn!

Growing up when I would make "my future husband" criteria lists, among MANY other things I always wrote "I want to be crazy about my husband". If any of you know me, you know that I once had a fear of not being able to fall in love. But today I am happy to say that I have been crazy about Mike from the start and it just keeps getting better. He is such an amazing person and I am lucky to have him as my eternal companion.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Glenn Beck puts it perfectly

This aired today. It is Glenn Beck's remarks to an idiot caller in Miami. These are my thoughts and feelings on the results of the election as well.

"Do you believe that Barack Obama is a centrist? No. The fact is he is the farthest left of anyone in congress. He is the most liberal in congress. But that's not the center. Al, that's not the center. You are right. America is the center and I said Barack Obama people are saying that he's going to govern from the center. And if that is true, that's great. Great. And I will support him. Without betraying my own values, I will support him. I will support him as the President, I will support every policy that he forwards that doesn't force me to betray my values. You can label it any way you want. I do label it Marxism when you are talking about the redistribution of wealth. Now, you may say that's hate mongering, you may say, well, how are you going to unite. I cannot unite around Marxism. And redistribution of wealth is Marxism. Look it up. Anyone who is saying we're going to redistribute the wealth and anyone who says they want the Constitution changed to take those blocks away is a Marxist. I don't believe that's where America is.

We're not the country of Jerry Falwell and we're not the country of Barack Obama, or I should say Nancy Pelosi because Barack Obama appears to be somebody who he's never been before. Let's take him at his face value that he's going to be a uniter, that he's going to rule from the center. Great. That's fantastic. I hope it's true. We're not Nancy Pelosi, we're not, you know, Jimmy Swaggart or anybody like that. We're in the center. We're center-right. Right now we're afraid. And when people are afraid, they panic. We have also raised a generation of people who have given trophies to their kids who came in 18th place. We have told them that there's nothing to strive for. You get it anyway, just by showing up, kid. "Look at you, you're special." No, you're not. No, you're not. Everybody is the same. It's what you do with your life. It's the choices that you make. We're all given the same kind of opportunity. We don't have the same skills. We don't have the same work ethic. We don't get the same results, but we have the same opportunity. That we can all agree on."

I guess we'll see...

If you go to his website he's got all of his interviews and articles in text form. I really like his comments on "The real Sarah Palin", and this interview with Senator Orrin Hatch is kind of scary because it's true: 'Constitution is Hanging by a Thread'.

Anyway, I'm not bitter about Obama winning the election. Yes I agree that he can woo people with his speeches and has good intentions for the American people. However I disagree with just about all of his policies. Sooooo....ya. There's not much you can do. I vote we just split the country in half and have the conservatives lead by a conservative presidency, and the liberals lead by liberals.

That's all.