Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Summer's not over yet!

Mike and I just moved into yet another rental house, and it has a great pool! We LOVE the diving board! Even though it is technically Fall now, AZ is definitely still warm enough to swim.

Tomorrow is "shadow a student day" at work. So all of my students' parents are invited to come into the classrooms and watch us teach ... wish me luck! haha

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Missions, Missions!!

So an exciting weekend for both of our families! My brother Tyler and Mike's brother Jake BOTH got their mission calls!!!
Yesterday morning Mike and I drove to Tuba City to open Jake's call. It was long awaited. His call should have come 2 weeks ago, but there was a mix-up with his mailing address. So his bishop, (aka: uncle Dan), got Jake's call before he did. So Jake decided to open that one instead of waiting even MORE for his to finally arrive.
Jake got called to the Neuquen, Argentina Mission, Spanish speaking! He will be reporting to the MTC on November 12th.

Then today we drove home to Gilbert to open my brother Tyler's call! He got called to the Washington DC North Mission, American Sign Language speaking! He reports to the MTC on October 29th!

So Jake and Tyler should be in the MTC at the same time.
This was a very exciting weekend for us as you can probably tell! They are both going to make EXCEPTIONAL missionaries!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Glenn Beck

I stole these pictures from Ashley cuz she had her camera :)Last night Mike and I went with my parents and our friends Ashley and Scott to see Glenn Beck in the Orpheum Theater in Phoenix. I didn't know exactly who he was and what he was like, but last night was incredible! He is a well-respected conservative radio and TV host who is extremely passionate about politics, and even more passionate about our country. He was witty and inspiring. I could go on and on about the whole night! I am a huge fan now because he has a lot of ideas and beliefs that are dead on. He is LDS, and he ended the evening expressing to us that all our power truly comes from God, and we need to humble ourselves and use our voices for good.
If you haven't already, watch this tribute he gave to President Hinckley when he passed away.