Thursday, July 17, 2008

San Diego Sailin'

At the beginning of this week Mike and I went to San Diego with two of my siblings and my dad. My dad owns a sailboat docked at Harbor Island right next to the SD airport, so we get to stay on the boat for free, and sail around the bay! It was a blast to get out of the AZ heat and into perfect California weather!

Getting ready to go down and clean the bottom of the boat
We sailed by a naval submarine base, and they happened to be pulling in a submarine! We were kind of in the way, and this friendly coast guard boat had to tell us to move. :)
I didn't realize submarines were that big...and black

Other navy vessels
These seals fought to get a spot on the buoys.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

American Idol!!

On Tuesday we all got to go to the kick-off American Idol concert in Glendale!! It was AMAZING! My two sister-in-laws: Nicole, Jen and mother-in-law Diane. We were on the floor!
The top 10 were there and they each sang 3 songs. David Cook ended up singing around 5, and then they all did a number together at the end. I loved it!!!
One of the songs Brooke White sang was "Yellow". I couldn't get my video to upload for some reason, but its obviously on youtube. click here.
For 'American Idol Gives Back', they are spotlighting "Malaria No More". The bottom 6 contestants sang a song with a slide show in the background of African American children.

ARCHULETA on the piano

My mom and i have been wanting to hear David Archuleta sing a Josh Groban song to see if he could compare, and my goodness did he ever!!! He sang "When you say you love me". Again I couldn't get mine to upload, so here it is.
one of the songs Cook sang was "time of my life". Here it is.
AH they both did such an AMAZING job!!!!
The encore song at the end with all 10 "Please don't stop the music" (not the best quality video):

Out in the parking lot. James' girlfriend Ashley took the picture. She was there too. (they shot red and blue streamers from the ceiling at the end of the show for the fourth of July.)